PA 1 of 1895

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The Michigan Masons are urging your support of legislation being offered by Senator Rick Jones and Representative Ken Goike that would amend the PA 1 of 1895. This legislation would allow for tax exemption of real or personal property owned and occupied by the Michigan Masons. This is applicable only if the property is occupied solely for the purposes for which the organization was established. The Senate Bill is SB 732 and in the House it is numbered HB 5325.

The Masonic Fraternity is a unique institution that has been a major part of community life in Michigan for 191 years. We are a fraternal and charitable non-profit organization working hard to support our local communities. The Masonic Fraternity was incorporated in Michigan in 1895.

In Michigan there are 285 Lodges and 30,000 members. This initiative will allow us to continue our community efforts around the state. Other organizations have the ability to raise funds for their buildings through the sale of food and alcohol beverages, which is not allowed as a part of our legislative charter. We are specifically excluded by the state's laws from taking advantage of these sales, and as such, are continuing to have significant problems in raising money for the upkeep and maintenance of these critical buildings in our communities. In the last two years alone, the Masons have provided over 150,000 hours of community service in Michigan, as well as providing $1.9 Million Dollars for various local needs. In addition to this community giving our Charitable foundation also included over $7,000,000.00 for elderly and indigent support programs at our Masonic home campus in Alma and throughout Michigan.

This legislation is critical for the survival of the Masonic Fraternity to continue our long rooted history of community service in the state. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this very important issue; we urge your support. If you would like to discuss this legislation further please contact Robert Conley at 989-466-3090.