Corinthian #241

The charter for Corinthian Lodge #241 was issued by the Grand Lodge of Michigan on January 25, 1893.

The newly formed lodge was an outgrowth or a split from Oriental Lodge #240. Whatever the reason or disagreements for such an action, they are now lost in antiquity.

The lodge first opened in the Masonic Temple on West Lafayette Street in downtown Detroit. In these early years, we garnered the reputation as the 'Silk Stocking' Lodge. A look at our roster reveals many local business owners and leaders in the community in those times. Their known positions with multiple businesses of the city indicated that they could well afford the cost of silk stockings.

When the new Masonic Temple and edifice on Temple Street in Detroit was completed in 1921, we were among the first to be listed as a tenant body. The Corinthian Lodge had a room dedicated to the architecture of our name. We remained there until 1984, after which the lodge was moved to Rochester, Michigan, where we remain to this day.

- Information provided thanks to Mark Pickell, PM, Corinthian Lodge Historian

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  • Kevin Kirk

    Worshipful Master

  • John Rohlman

    Senior Warden

  • Trevor giannetti

    Junior Warden

  • Anderson sirolli

    Senior Deacon

  • Ryan Borello

    Junior Deacon

  • Mark Pickell


  • Bruce john


  • Chris Miller


  • Kurt Liepmann

    Lodge Education Officer

  • Andrew taras

    Chief Steward